Conference Schedule

Friday, February 17, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 18, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Legacy of Love kicks off with dinner Friday evening in a fun-filled gathering or friends old and new. You’ll hear an inspiring presentation from our keynote speaker, Cindi McMenamin, followed by a hands on painting activity led by our resident artist, Marsha Howard.

On Saturday, you’ll hear more uplifting presentations from Cindi, and participate in sessions taught by gifted teachers.

The breakout sessions will help you enrich your walk with God, improve personal relationships, strengthen your parenting skills, brush up on your cooking, polish up your business skills, and perfect your financial knowledge.

Here’s a sampling of the confirmed sessions you can attend during the 2017 Legacy of Love.

Healthy Relationships for Life
Healthy relationships bring happiness and health to our lives. Every relationship has some conflict, but it doesn’t have to be negative. It’s how you handle it that makes the difference. The key to any relationship is allowing God to be in the triangle. This session will show you how to establish healthy relationships with your children, family, in-laws, friends and co-workers.

Identifying and Managing Depression
How do you tell the difference between sadness, grief and depression? A licensed counselor will explain the difference between situational and clinical depression, causes, and solutions. This session will appeal to any woman that has felt depressed or has concerns about a family member that might be depressed.

What's that Rash?
Even healthy kids get hurt or sick. In some cases, you will know to head straight to the emergency room. Other times it may be harder to determine whether your child needs the attention of a medical professional or can be treated at home. As a mom, it can be hard to make these judgment calls. Nurse practitioner, Sheree Bunting, will discuss common childhood ailments and how to treat them at home, as well as what type of injuries require professional medical attention.

Personal Safety

Internet Safety for Women and Children
Sinister criminals prey online for innocent women and children. This session will address how you can stay safe online, protect your family’s privacy and security, and keep your family from becoming victims. You’ll leave with tips to help you develop a personal Internet safety plan for your family.

Street Smart Personal Safety
Taught by a tenured Police Detective, you’ll learn techniques to avoid dangerous situations, fend off potential assailants and general self-defense methods and mentalities.  

Money Matters

Budget Busters
What do you spend your money on? Some people have no idea! If that sounds like you, then come learn how to prepare a simple monthly spending plan based on what the Bible says about money. You will also learn about those "budget busters" that rob us from financial freedom!

Invest in Yourself
Fewer than 2 in 10 women feel “well prepared” to make wise financial decisions. Learn about the unique financial challenges women face and the concepts to investing including how to define and create financial goals in order to achieve financial security.

Wills and Estate Planning
Learn how to prepare a will and the basics of estate planning to protect your family and ensure they are properly cared for in your absence. A licensed attorney will cover how to establish a will and prepare for the unthinkable.


Parenting the Parent
This informative and inspiring session will address the realities family members face when roles reverse and adult children become the caregiver of their parents, and how to navigate through this season of life successfully.

Parenting Teens
Teens can seem complicated and disconnected. It's been so long since we were there and times have changed so much! In this session, we’ll talk about bridging that gap and teaching your teens up in the way they are bent.

Preschool Parenting – information coming soon!

Single Moms Raising Sons
Single moms, have you ever wanted to understand your son better? If some simple tips to guiding your son into manhood would be helpful, come join this conversation.

Special Needs, Super Powers
Special needs parents are the equivalent of Batman, Captain America, and Incredible Hulk combined with a side of Mary Poppins. This session will address how parents can become the everyday superheroes to their special needs child. An emphasis will be placed on children with learning disabilities, autism, and ADHD.


Beautiful Inside and Out
Come be pampered and learn the latest beauty secrets and tips for a healthy, young-looking complexion. Discover new makeup techniques and applications for beauty basics and glamorous eyes

Bible Journaling 101
Journaling is an interactive way to study the Bible and learn scripture. This session will teach you about journaling methods and how to use it to grow deeper in God’s word. Journaling can be done in your Bible, a separate notebook, or on any paper.

Cake Decorating for Beginners
The secrets of cake decorating will be unveiled in this hands-on class for beginning bakers and decorators. Attendees will receive step-by-instruction on how to fill, stack, crumb coat, and ice, as well as pipe, decorative buttercream borders and designs. Each attendee will be given a 6: round cake to practice what they learn.

Capturing Memories with Your Cellphone
Take beautiful pictures and create lasting memories using your cellphone camera. In this session you’ll discover how to take pictures you’ll be proud to share. You’ll learn how to use the flash, panorama mode, and how to edit pictures to improve their look.

Creative Grandmothering
Learn creative ways to stay connected with your grandchildren and create lasting memories. In this session grandmothers will discover new ideas for sharing love, faith, and family traditions with their grandchildren whether they live close by or miles away.

The Dating Scene for Single women and Widows
People aren’t even dating anymore, just talking, catching some feelings, having physical intimacy without emotional intimacy, and ending up in "situationships" instead of relationships. God has prepared the most wonderful love for us and does not want us to settle for second best. This session will address stages of dating, when to introduce children to your special friend, and physical boundaries.

Everything Pizza
Learn how to make easy from scratch pizza for every occasion. From a simple dinner pie to pizza wraps, snacks, breakfast and dessert. This session includes a pizza making demo and taste testing of sample recipes. Every attendee will also receive a recipe packet to take home.

Legal Advice
Have a family legal concern? Board-certified family lawyer will answer your legal questions in a Q&A format session.

Macramé is Back!
Joanna Gaines of the popular design show Fixer Upper is using it. Better Homes and Gardens recently ran an article featuring it. Today’s decorators are using this ancient craft of "knot tying" to create textiles, which can be both decorative and functional items for the home. In this "hands on" session you will learn, or refresh your memory, how to create some of the simple macramé knots to create your own piece to take home.

The Naturally Clean Home
An introduction into helpful green cleaning recipes and tips for keeping your home clean with natural ingredients. Learn how to make your own cleaning products such as, laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner. It's easier and cheaper than you might think! Hear why it's important to know what's in the products in your home for your family's health and well-being.


Land that Job! Resume Writing & Coaching
When looking for a job first impressions start with your resume. Learn how to develop a resume that will stand out and get noticed. Don’t wait until you have to look for a job, update your resume now so you’ll be ready for that next opportunity. Receive coaching tips to perfect your resume and nail interviews!